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Grant Timeline & Resources

Navigating the Steps to Grant Funding

Annual Grant Cycles

The Shavlik Family Foundation considers technology requests from $1,000 to $30,000 to support innovative operations or program initiatives. Proposals are considered twice per year by the Foundation Board.

See the full timeline and steps for both grant cycles below.

Grant Timeline

The grant process is conducted twice per year over a 6 month period. Applicants need to prepare for this lengthy timeline. The time we spend is to accommodate the number of proposals we receive and to give the Foundation time to read and analyze each submission with limited staff.

Please review the grant timelines below, which run from May-October and November-April.

Important Resources

Below are documents to help guide you in thinking about how to create your proposal to the Foundation.

1 May
1 Nov
Online Grant System Opens: LOI

The system will ask you to set up a unique login to the grant application (even if you have applied before), then you can begin the LOI application. You will need to register with an email we can use to contact your organization and a unique password. If you are an independent grant writer, please use an email that the organization can be contacted at in the future.  

You may save your work and continue to edit until you are ready to submit. The LOI and Application are also provided as a word document if you want to save a copy of your work and paste into the online application. All forms must be submitted through our electronic system. No paper or emailed grants will be accepted.

1 June
1 Dec
LOI Deadline

At 11:59 pm the online grant system will close and you will no longer be able to submit your work, so make sure you have uploaded all the requested documents and have completely filled out your application before midnight. Please make sure we have a full mailing address in the form where asked. We often follow up with letters if emails are undeliverable when we communicate the results of our decisions.

15 July
15 Jan
Invitation to Submit Full Proposal

The board of the Shavlik Family Foundation will invite the top LOI submissions to submit a full proposal. Due to the number of proposals we receive, we will not communicate with applicants during the grant decision process. The application you have submitted is the only thing we consider in our decision. Thanks in advance for your understanding. Those who are invited to submit a full proposal to us will be able to log back into our online system to fill out the next form.

15 Aug
15 Feb
Full Proposal Deadline

If your organization has been invited to submit a full proposal to the Foundation you will once again have access to our online forms for that purpose.  Your full application will be due by 11:59pm and once again our reviewers will base the decision on the information you provide on the form.  There will be no other contact until a final funding decision is made.

30 Sep
31 Mar
Award Notification and Distribution

The board of the Shavlik Family Foundation will review and finalize award winners and applicants will receive notification of congratulations or regrets by this date. Checks will be mailed immediately after notification. Checks are sent by certified mail along with a letter highlighting the Foundation’s terms and conditions. Cashing a check is the acceptance of those terms and conditions.

15 Oct
15 Apr
Grants Reports Due

On or before this date, the previous year’s grant recipients must submit a final Grant Report that includes both narrative and financial data on the project funded. This is emailed to the Grants Manager of the Shavlik Family Foundation at:

The report is necessary to be eligible in the future for another grant from the Foundation. All grant recipients are eligible after one year to apply again.

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