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About Us

Committed to Funding Technology to Advance Nonprofit Missions

Our History

The Shavlik Family Foundation launched in 2013, with the initial goal to close the technology gap between nonprofits and their for-profit counterparts in order to help level the playing field. But over the last decade the nonprofit community has acquired basic tech tools for operations and our foundation now focuses more on the innovation nonprofits are bringing to their work through new devices and technology to realize their missions. We see this innovation building even more capacity for nonprofits in serving the communities of Minnesota.

Our Values

  • We will always be programming agnostic: we fund technology projects for nonprofits with a wide range of missions.
  • Transparent: we make our process and funding decisions as transparent as possible. If you cannot find an answer – please ask us!
  • Minnesota focus: we focus our funding across the entire state and reserve capital for each cycle to specifically fund nonprofits outside the Twin Cities metro or who provide services statewide.
  • Continuous improvement: we are open to suggestions on how our process can be improved.
  • Trust nonprofits to do their mission: you are the expert in your operations and how you can best leverage technology to impact your ability to meet your mission.

People Who Understand The Influence of Technology

Our team of Board Members and Reviewers have strong experience in either nonprofit operations or technology or both.  Everyone has areas of expertise that give us a diversity of knowledge to help us make decisions.

We’re Here to Help