Who This Grant is For

Supporting Minnesota Nonprofits with Technology Grants.

The Shavlik Family Foundation awards grants to Minnesota charitable, nonprofit organizations that are recognized by the IRS as 501(c)(3) public charities for any type of technology project they want to implement that will improve how they meet their mission.  The nonprofit must be working to improve the lives, culture or environment of Minnesota to qualify.

We do not accept grants from individuals or those using a fiscal sponsor. In addition, grants for public charities will not be considered if the grant is for a pre-selected individual(s), provides funds to lobby legislation or influence public policy, promotes a religious doctrine, or serves as a replacement for public funding. The Foundation welcomes and considers grant requests in the amounts $1,000-30,000 range to support a one year innovative program initiative or operating need utilizing technology to improve operations, efficiency, fundraising, staff, and clients’ access to opportunities.

Using Technology to Innovate

Our mission is to help you bridge a technical divide. We want to see technology used to help solve problems with staff, clients, donor, and volunteers. We are interested in projects that can transform your organization and take you into the future. The Foundation is open to hear what innovative ways your organization is planning to use technologies both old and new to advance your mission.

Technology Planning

We encourage organizations to account for routine replacement of hardware and software and upgrades in their annual planning and operating budgets and not apply for grants to maintain the systems they are already using or upgrades to a technology already deployed.

When proposing new systems make sure your approach is well planned out and show through expected outcomes how it will make positive change for the organization. 

Areas of Interest

The Shavlik Family Foundation focuses on the technology you want to implement first and foremost. We have funded projects that utilize databases, websites, mobile applications, text messaging services, smart devices, audio visual equipment, and other hardware and software systems to create better systems, data tracking, communication, access and services for their organizations.

Grant Timeline

The timeline for Shavlik Family Foundation Grants can be found here to help you plan your application planning process.

Grant Resources

Grant resources that can help you write a grant to the Shavlik Family Foundation that will meet our criteria can be found here.