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General Information About the Grant

Access to information and technology can innovate non-profits' operations, program efficiency, potential collaboration with other agencies and entities, and communication to clients, partners, volunteers and donors.

The implementation of an innovative technology project can make a non-profit a leader in program delivery or operational efficiency that sets them apart from their peers.

Who and What We Fund

The Shavlik Family Foundation focuses on nonprofits or Tribal governments serving Minnesota, but we do not focus on the size or services provided by a nonprofit. We simply want to fund the best technology projects that will have the greatest impact on an organization or the community it serves.

While the Foundation encourages organizations to undertake a full planning process including working with consultants to determine the best solution, this stage is outside our funding focus. It would be premature to apply to us if you have not completed the vetting, budgeting, and implementation plans of the technology project for our consideration. Our focus in funding is on implementation of technology versus the planning stage.

We continue to be inspired every year with new and different ways technology can be applied to issues facing the Minnesota nonprofit community.

Funding Outcomes

We focus on information and technology resources that can build capacity for nonprofits and their clients.

We encourage organizations to account for routine replacement of hardware and software and upgrades in their annual planning and operating budgets and not apply for grants to maintain the systems they are already using or upgrades to a technology already deployed. When proposing new systems make sure your approach is well planned out and show through expected outcomes how it will make positive change for the organization.

In looking at outcomes, we want to see projects that can show a clear impact or transformation on an organization's operations or capacity to meet its mission. Our financial investment should have clear measurable benefits greater than the cost.

As technology constantly evolves we are open to expanding what we fund and look forward to hearing about new ideas for technology projects that will solve issues nonprofits face in delivering on their unique mission.

Grant Timeline

The timeline for Shavlik Family Foundation Grants can be found here to help you plan your application planning process.

Grant Resources

Grant resources that can help you write a grant to the Shavlik Family Foundation that will meet our criteria can be found here.