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Grant Information

laptopCouchThe Shavlik Family Foundation seeks to remove barriers to technology and information for Minnesota non-profits and the clients they serve.

Improving access to information and technology can improve a non-profits operations, program efficiency, potential collaboration with other agencies and entities, and communication. Through technology programs people of all ages can gain access to important resources and information and acquire the skills necessary to participate in a twenty first century job market.


Areas of Interest

The Foundation is primarily focused on information and technology resources that remove barriers or build capacity for nonprofits and their clients. For example:

  • The utilization of new technology creates a gain of information that in turn provides more choices and improves clients’ ability to make better decisions.
  • The exposure and use of technology creates skills that lead clients to greater self sufficiency and opportunities.
  • Non-profits can take advantage of technology to create collaborations gaining efficiency to serving clients more effectively.
  • Implementing databases and reporting functionality to improve donor relations resulting in improved fundraising and with it the ability to serve more clients.
  • Improving programs or general operations through the use of a technology that leads to operational savings for an organization.

Grant requests are not limited to these examples, they have just been given to illustrate that funding will require reporting outcomes with each grant given.


College young adultsGrant-making 
The Foundation awards approximately 15 to 20 program, capital and operating grants each year from 501(c) (3) organizations based in Minnesota.  Only annual grants will be considered.  Current grant recipients of a Shavlik Family Foundation grant must wait one year before they may apply again.  The Foundation welcomes collaboration with other grant-makers and favors grant-seekers with multiple sources of support.